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Teen CEO and Bestselling Author


This teen author's debut hits the publishing industry like a grenade with his book

 Peacebunny Island: The Extraordinary Journey of a Boy and His Comfort Rabbits, and How They're Teaching Us about Hope and Kindness.

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Introduction to World-Building


Whether partially or fully fictional, developing an effective and engrossing story world is no easy task. After all, a story world is more than just a fictional setting or society; it’s the cultures and capabilities that impact every aspect of your characters’ stories and the characters themselves.


Like any part of the writing process, effective world-building takes time, intention, and attention to detail.  Join Daniel as he breaks down each of the major elements you should consider when building your story’s fictional world.

Hear ye! Hear ye!

You do not want to miss these three fantasy writers duke it out in the ultimate fantasy trivia show down.

Who do you think will win? Weigh in @teenauthorbootcamp

Shower Moments and Other Muses: Finding Inspiration in a Crazy World

with Shelly X. Leonn


For writers, the greatest feeling in the world is receiving a flash of sudden inspiration. Maybe you figure out how to fill a nagging plot hole, or maybe you come up with the perfect line to wrap up some intense dialogue. Usually, we stumble into these moments when we're doing something else, like showering or walking the dog. In this workshop, we will discuss how writers can foster their own "shower moments" throughout their daily routine. We will also discuss how writers can create the time and energy necessary for more shower moments, even in slightly chaotic times such as these.

Poetry Pointers: Polishing your Poems for Publication

by YA author and award-winning poet,

Leigh Statham


Submissions for the 2021 Teen Author Boot Camp Poetry Collection will open January 1st, so start working on those poems! In the meantime, YA author and poet extraordinaire, Leigh Statham, will share her best advice for polishing your poetry until it shines, whether you’re writing toward publication or simply for your own enjoyment. We’ll have tons of fun and some giveaways, so register now to attend on Wednesday, December 2nd at 7pm MST. We can't wait to see you there!

The Unputdownable Page

by Jennifer Nielsen


Order signed copies of Jennifer's books from The King's English

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