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Both born of tragedy.
Which will you be?

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TABC's annual teen conference is held every spring. Nearly a thousand aspiring teen writers come to the Utah Valley Convention Center to work with bestselling authors to amp up their writing skills.

Read Our Code of Conduct Policy

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General Information and Policies​

Read Our Code of Conduct Policy

TABC Covid Policy
Holding an in-person event will be a top priority this year. In order for this to happen, the following guidelines will be strictly enforced.

1) We will have hand sanitizer and wipes available for attendee use. Spare masks are available upon request while supplies last. Mask will not be required but are encouraged.

2) We ask that parents temperature check and symptom check all attendees before bringing/sending them to the conference.

3) If your child is feeling sick on the morning of the event, please keep them home and contact us so that we can facilitate the transfer of their membership from in-person to online.​

TABC Refund Policy
Refunds must be requested through the site in which you purchased your tickets. Full refunds of tickets will be honored up to March 1st. After March 1st and up until March 12th, only a half refund will be issued. NO REFUNDS will be issued after March 13th. Email us at if you have questions about accessing your ticket.

Registering more than one child? You deserve a break!
Complete registration for one child. Email us the registered teen's name and we will send you an exclusive sibling coupon code to shave $10 off on registration for each additional child from your family. It's that simple! 


Email us at with Sibling Code in the subject line. (Coupon may not be combined with another offer.)

Food Allergies? We've got your back!
If your child has either a gluten or dairy allergy, we are happy to provide for a special lunch and snack for them. To arrange for this, please email us your teen's name and their allergy. Email us at with "Food Allergy" in the subject line.


Service Animals Policy
Teen Author Boot Camp follows the same policies as Utah Valley Convention Center when it comes to service animals. UVCC's policy states "ADA-recognized service animals are welcome at the UVCC provided they are leashed or under similar control as appropriate. The owner must take full responsibility for the animal." Attendees may also be asked to sit on certain sides of the room in order to provide a safe space for those with animal allergies. 

Policy on Parent Attendance 

For the safety and comfort of all attendees, parents/guardians will not be allowed to accompany their teen to the conference. If a parent/guardian feels the structure of the day may provide too much stress or anxiety for their teen we recommend attending the virtual conference instead. 

Lost and Found Policy 

During the conference, lost and found items can be accessed in the same area as the registration tables. After the conference, any lost and found items will be left with Utah Valley Convention Center. If a teen discovers they have left a needed item at the conference, they should contact UVCC about the item. 


We want to make TABC accessible for all! If your teen is hearing impaired or if they have any other accessibility needs, please contact us at at least 30 days prior to the conference so we can try to help make the TABC experience enjoyable for all abilities.

Still have questions?

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