We value the many schools who send aspiring teen writers to the Teen Author Boot Camp conference. In an effort to help students with financial needs and to foster writing in the school system, we are excited to announce new options with this program.

Schools interested in offering scholarships to their students may purchase a Scholarship Pass. A school may purchase the right to send 5, 8, or 10 students to Teen Author Boot Camp. Schools are also allowed to purchase more than one pass if they so choose. These passes are not to be resold, but to provide opportunity for lower income students to attend for free.

To purchase this pass you will need to provide your job title and school to verify your educator status.

Schools may distribute their scholarships in any way they see fit (essay contests, applications, financial need, aptitude-based, etc.).


Why such a good deal?

With so many cuts in Creative Writing programs across the country, Teen Author Boot Camp is committed to giving as many opportunities to interested students as possible. We recognize the value of creative writing and want to share that love.


Refund Policy for School Group Scholarship Passes.

Group passes cannot be split up. Refunds may only be requested for the entire pass. Once a group pass has been refunded, all registrations connected to that pass will be cancelled. Full refunds will be given until March 1, 2020. Half refunds will be given from March 2nd- March 12th. No refunds will be given after March 12th.

Comments from teachers who support TABC:

"I have been teaching English at Payson High School for nine years and I absolutely love TABC! My students who attend the conference return with a sense of accomplishment; they return with a sense of identity. But the conference's value is not merely emotional. In addition to fostering excitement for writing and the writing community, the conference provides a healthy forum for fine-tuning the author's craft.

TABC accomplishes something I honestly can't do in the classroom. The material covered in one day at TABC would take me at least a full term to teach… but the thing is, I know that TABC does a better job than I could because of the autonomy fostered by its breakout sessions. My students love the fact that they can pick and choose which sessions to attend, and they return to me with skills specifically tailored to their interests and strengths. I can always tell which students attend TABC."  

-Michelle Walker, English Teacher, Payson High School

"As a Creative Writing teacher, I have been able to see first-hand the impact of the Teen Author Boot Camp on many of my students. When my kids return from this fun day, they are enthused, excited, and filled with energy; they all talk about how much they enjoyed and loved the experience. All of that is wonderful to see as a teacher; anytime students are excited about writing, I am so happy.

However, Teen Author Boot Camp is more than just a “fun” day for my students. When they return, I see that they have gained something much more important than a fun day: they have more self-confidence. Teen Author Boot Camp provides something that so many youth need so desperately these days—a forum where they can feel validated, competent, and capable. The feedback they receive, the camaraderie they experience, and the hope and excitement that they experience is something that teaches them to have faith in themselves as they write, to know that they really can do this thing that used to be so hard for them, and that there are people out there who believe in them. I am so grateful for that impact on my students.

I offer my sincere gratitude to the organizers, presenters, and hosts of Teen Author Boot Camp. Keep up the great work!

-Adena Campbell, Teacher, Spanish Fork High School


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