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MEET MADIE, a seventeen year-old marketing intern at TABC who is currently on her journey to write a book, just like many of you.

The Next Best-Seller:

A podcast for aspiring teen authors, hosted by Madie Bramble.



On The Next Best-Seller, teens will have the opportunity to learn all there is to know about writing from best-selling authors.


From what an author’s day might look like to the nitty gritty process of editing, character development to plotting your novel, this podcast will reveal all you need to know to become a best-selling author yourself.

Podcast Schedule

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Frank Cole

November 1, 2021

Fictional worlds and characters can sometimes seem easy to create because you can base it off of real life things. But I’ve never avoid near death with a dragon or conjured spell with a witch, so how am I supposed to write them. Frank Cole is going to share all the tricks up his sleeves for writing fantastical creatures and implementing them into your fictional worlds.


Frank Cole is a real life magician who brings fantasy to life with potion making and fantastical creatures. But how can you bring your own magic to your stories with warlocks, goblins, and dragons? Here’s Frank Cole and all his advice on building a fantasy world using fictional characters. 


Jennifer Jenkins

October 1, 2021

Our next guest on the podcast is Jennifer Jenkins. Author of The Nameless Trilogy, To Kill A Curse, and the Teen Writer’s guide, our very own TABC co-founder is here to tell us all the tricks she has up her sleeves for writing dialogue.

Episode 6 is coming up on “The Next Best-Seller” Podcast and we’ll will be talking all about dialogue. Want to learn how to balance your dialogue and description, and how to make speech a important part in your story? This one's for you!

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Kendare Blake

September 1, 2021

The bestselling author of “Anna Dressed In Blood,” “Antigoddess,” and “Three Dark Crowns” is coming to the podcast. Kendare Blake! Her newest release is coming out this September, a thrilling horror called “All These Bodies.” But like all stories, these captivating novels started as a simple idea. She’s here to share how you can turn those ideas into stories and how you can find the motivation to actually write them. Episode coming to Spotify, Anchor, Apple, and Google Podcasts September 1st! Don’t miss it!

The right amount of dark and violent, Kendare Blake’s newest release “All These Bodies” this September just in time for us to talk all about her author life, and how our teens can stay motivated and inspired through the process of writing a novel. Tune in September 1st for all the insider information on her new book and on her writing secrets.


Christopher Paolini

August 1, 2021

From dragons to alien relics, Christopher Paolini, author of The Inheritance Cycle and To Sleep In A Sea Of Stars, is going to share all things style, plotting, and world building with us on the next episode of “The Next Best-Seller Podcast.” Tune in August 1st to learn more about his journey as both a teen and adult writer.


Jo Schaffer

July 1, 2021

 Jo Schaffer is a co-founder of TABC and author of “Stanley and Hazel,” a historical fiction full of romance, action, and some classy 1930s vibes. Jo and I are going to talk all about her life as an author, as well as “Understanding The Psychology of Your Characters. So pick up a copy of “Stanley and Hazel,” and get ready for an all new @thenextbestseller podcast episode on July 1st. 


Maren Detlefs

June 1, 2021

TABC’s 2021 First Chapter Contest winner, Maren Detlefs, discusses the difficult task of balancing the life of a teen writer and gives other teen writers advice on how to make your first chapter enticing enough to hook readers in by the first page.

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Caleb Smith

May 1, 2021

This teen author's debut hits the publishing industry like a grenade with his book Peacebunny Island. 


His release tour includes interviews with People Magazine, The Today Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and more. You're not going to believe his story! He is the perfect guest to launch our podcast. 

Check out the feature on Caleb on People.com