We want to help you self-publish your book so you can have the finished product it in your hands in less than 30 days!!!

The normal prices is $100 per book, but we are giving away the first FIVE for FREE!

To qualify for the giveaway: 


  • Your story must be finished and ready to go

  • Your story must not need any illustrations or artwork

What you get:


  • A full cover design, front and back

  • A completely unique and beautifully formatted interior design

  • All the digital file formats so you can publish your book to kindle, nook or any other e-reader

  • The file for physical, printed copies of your book so you can upload your book to and have your book printed on-demand, which allows your family, friends and customers to order it whenever they want

Add-On Services: 

All add-on services will be charged at a greatly reduced rate of just $20 per hour (that's way lower than industry standards)

  • line editing

  • content editing

  • illstration and/or artwork



Reach out to for answers!