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How to replace the power cord on any vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are easily one of the most common cleaning tools in everyone’s houses. We use them in many cleaning activities and on many different surfaces. With a relatively high work intensity, it’s important that you take good care of your vacuum cleaner to enhance its longevity.

That being said, due to constant cleaning activities, your vacuum’s power cord is usually the first component to deteriorate. With time, you’ll notice your vacuum working less and less effectively. Therefore, it may be time to replace your vacuum cleaner.

Why do you need to replace it?

First of all, having an unreliable cord-powered vacuum cleaner can cause some serious electric failure. The inconsistent electric current can easily damage the important components inside your vacuum cleaner.

In addition, a low-quality power cord would also reduce the performance of your vacuum while consuming more energy, which is never what you would want.

If the electric cord is leaked somewhere, you and your family members can get serious electric shocks from it. Hence, it’s recommended that you replace your broken power cord as soon as possible.

How to replace it

Now that you’ve known you need to replace the power cord, it’s time to consider the solutions:

The easy way

For inexperienced users, it’s not a wise choice to replace the power cord yourself. Instead, you could carry your vacuum cleaner to any electronic repair shop. The professionals in there will quickly have it replaced for you. The quality of the new cords will mostly be guaranteed and you can save yourself some hassle.

The hard way

But if you’re confident in your electronic knowledge and would like to save your time going to the store, you can have the power cord replaced by yourself. But don’t worry, our experts at are here to help:


Here are a few things that you’ll need to prepare to do the job:

Screwdrivers – Make sure they fit all the different screws on your vacuum cleaners.

A new cord – Spend time looking at the model that you’re using and get the correct cord to replace it.

Electrical tape – You’ll need it to protect the electric wires.

How to do it

While different vacuums can come with different setups, the steps are mostly the same, so you can do this on most of the current vacuums on the market.

Locate the power unit

To start with, you’ll need to locate where the power unit is placed. By having access to the part, you can easily remove the old power cord and replace it with a new one. You should check your instruction manual to avoid any hassle.

Disassemble the parts

Once you’ve known exactly what to disassemble, it’s time to remove the plastic covers using the screwdrivers. Make sure you put the removed screws in a box so they won’t be lost in the process.

Remove the old power cord and install a new one

After you’ve reached the power unit, you can easily see where the old power cord is connected. Just disconnect the two wires and remove the old cord by opening the strain relief and pulling it out.

Once it’s out, you just need to work the new cord through the strain relief, reinstall it on the vacuum, and connect the two wires to the right heads.

Assemble the parts

Before reassembling the parts, you should turn on your vacuum cleaner to make sure it’s working. If that’s confirmed, it’s time to put everything back together. Put it back in the right order and don’t forget any screws.


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