TABC Street Team Invitation Letter

Hello literacy ally!


Reading and writing are predictors for academic success and brighter futures! Looking for ways to encourage the love of books and support literacy for kids? We're looking for people like you, who are passionate about supporting literacy to join our Street Team. As part of our team you’ll help spread the word so that we reach more kids in need of our programs!


Writers Cubed, Inc is a nonprofit 501c3 with a mission to promote literacy and authorship in underserved children and teens with four main programs. Learn about Teen Author Boot Camp, Tween Author Boot Camp, Book Drop and TABC Classroom edition on our Website!


To keep our programs running strong and to reach as many kids as possible, we need your help! If you’d like to be a part of our mission–join our street team and invite your friends too!


What opting in means:

(All tasks are optional, with our extra programming described below going to all who stay active with their monthly tasks. Miss a month, miss that month of programming, and hop right back on when you are able and interested.)

  1. Each month we’ll have a few tasks to choose from that help raise awareness of our programs. This may mean posting a graphic, review or some other shout out on your social media or reaching out to your network to share information about student programming or to invite them to join the cause by being a part of our street team too.

  2. Fill out the form at this link with your information so that we can get into contact with you and share and track your tasks.

  3. (Optional) Download the Group Me App on your phone so that you can receive reminders and notifications about upcoming programs and events. Use this Link to join the chat!


What will you get in exchange?

For every month that you’re active with your tasks, you’ll receive free access to TABC Classroom edition.  This includes recorded and edited workshops from our live conferences and free webinars for teens and tweens where bestselling authors teach writing in ways that excite kids about reading and creating fiction. This subscription based content, has been aligned to the common core standards and comes with lesson plans and assignments to further foster the love of reading and writing. Click here to LEARN MORE about the program!


We’re changing lives, and we hope you’ll support us by helping to raise awareness. Together, we can make a real difference for kids who need it most!


Thank you!