Public Voting Open

April 23rd-May 5th


We encourage voters to read all entries before voting (they are short!). You will be asked to list your top three favorites when you vote.




Winners will be emailed and ANNOUNCED on the TABC Webinar on May 7th.


RULES (important!)

  • Must not exceed 500 words. 

  • 12 pts font, Times New Roman

  • Keep it PG, please. This contest will be voted on by your peers. (No foul language, references to sex or drugs, intense violence, etc.) 

  • Must be between the ages of 12-19 yrs old 

  • Only the TITLE OF THE ENTRY should be on the uploaded file. Your name should not appear on the file. We will know it belongs to you because you will add the title name on the entry form.



Failure to comply with these guidelines will be grounds for removing your entry from the contest. 

Winners receive a free book

and serious street cred. :)